Earthwise Society Garden

Although we often travel great distances to find beautiful places…sometimes we don’t have to go far at all.


I wanted to share a place that is close to where I live that provides not only wonderful farm fresh produce, but also a peaceful garden area where one can meander, take pictures, and enjoy the colours and smells of a variety of flowers.


The Earthwise Society Garden is a non-profit organization that actually began in 1979 as a recycling depot. It later created a composting demonstration garden to raise awareness of backyard composting. At the time the gardens took up one acre and were located in Tilbury Industrial Park.


In 2007 the Earthwise Society moved to its present location on three acres in Tsawwassen. The site now has public gardens, a farm and store to buy local produce, a nursery, and educational programs for all ages.

You can learn about natural pest control, natural lawn care, composting, and local wildlife habitat. The one acre garden area has different ecological themes and a large selection of plants native to this area.


The farm and gardens are maintained by volunteers who also ensure that there are no pesticides used, and that birds, bugs, and bees all have places to live.

As you wander the gardens be sure and appreciate not only the flowers but also the creative objects that have been placed here, like mirrors and wall hangings.


There are a number of pathways you can take and surprises around every corner….some of them almost hidden.


The gardens are now part of the newly developed Southlands area of Tsawwassen and unfortunately are a fraction of their original size. However, there are still garden plots here, as well as future plans for a Community Demonstration Food Garden. There will also be regular farm markets close by within the Southlands property.

Whether you are traveling far or near…take time to enjoy the journey and the pleasures it will bring!

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