Galiano Island

Galiano Island is one of the islands that make up the Gulf Islands, a group of islands south of Vancouver and accessible by BC Ferries. If you are travelling to Victoria on Vancouver Island you will pass by a number of these islands on the ferry ride there. Galiano Island is the first island that you will come to once you leave the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. Because it is the first island that can be reached by ferry, it makes for an easy daytrip from Vancouver.


Although you can travel to the Gulf Islands by foot or by bike, having a car just makes it easier to get around and explore the islands. The roads are very narrow and so biking can be a bit tricky. During the summer months traffic to the Gulf Islands can get quite busy and so reservations are recommended if you do take a vehicle. On Galiano Island you will find farmer’s markets, campgrounds, and wonderful hidden beaches to explore.


The Gulf Islands are also known for their many hiking trails. On a recent daytrip we hiked Mount Galiano. This hike took about 2 hours in total.



The hike started off along beautifully forested trails with sunlight streaming through the trees. Eventually we reached the summit and the views were spectacular!

Peekaboo view from the top
Looking towards Saltspring Island
Looking towards Mayne and Pender Islands

After returning to our car we headed back to the beach area near the ferry terminal. There are cafes and shops within walking distance of the terminal, as well as a hotel with a wonderful restaurant and spa. All the rooms are oceanfront with access to the beach.


There is lots to explore along the coast with driftwood, rocks, and shells to collect. It is also a great place to relax while waiting for the ferry to dock nearby.



If you find yourself looking for an easy getaway from the city, either for the day or for a night, look no farther than Galiano Island.

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