My Favourite Photographic Moments of 2022

I decided my top ten of 2022 would be photographs and memories instead of places…but of course those memories are connected to some places that for me provided some wonderful moments…so here we go.

Number 1…Westminster Abbey, Mission, B.C….The grounds and abbey of this location are all about serenity and for me this photo really highlighted that.

Number 2…UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver, B.C….located on the University of British Columbia endowment lands. This garden provided me the opportunity to try some close-up photography. I don’t often take photos that highlight details and would definitely like to do more of it!

Number 3…Mayne Island, B.C….Sunset photos never get old and the evening sunset from where we were staying was gorgeous. I love visiting the Southern Gulf Islands as they are so close to Vancouver…and yet arriving for a visit on one of them is like being a world away from the city.

Number 4…Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia…A trip to the Maritimes gave me the opportunity to visit a new part of Canada and soak up the view of this iconic lighthouse. The weather was superb and the lighting did not disappoint!

Number 5…Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island…Visiting P.E.I. was something I have wanted to do since I was a child. This small, but scenic island gave us lots to enjoy. The boardwalks leading through the sand dunes to the beach were picture perfect!

Number 6…Louisbourg Lighthouse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia…We loved our time in the town of Louisbourg and it was a fantastic way to end our East Coast vacation. Lighthouses became a well-photographed subject during our time away and I may have become just a bit addicted to them!

Number 7…Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, B.C….This hike was a huge bucket-list hike for me. It was an incredible way to end the summer.

Number 8…Nicola Lake, B.C….This was one of those autumn days where the weather gods are smiling down on you and there is no such thing as a bad photo!

Number 9…Along Route 5A, B.C….On the same road-trip as the above photo I was also lucky enough to snap a picture of these abandoned barns and the surrounding countryside. There is something so beautiful about the starkness of the land and the warm tones of the earth and sky.

Number 10…Nitobe Japanese Memorial Garden, UBC, Vancouver, B.C….I visited here in the fall and loved meandering around this small, but idyllic garden. For me the reflection of the bridge and the colours in this photo are mirrored almost flawlessly in the water…bonus that there were no people crossing over at the time I took the picture.

And that’s my list for 2022. For me these pictures bring back some fantastic memories from the last year…and that’s what I think any photograph should do! Wishing everyone all the best in 2023!

12 thoughts on “My Favourite Photographic Moments of 2022

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  1. What a beautiful country you live in! With those majestic landscapes, Canada really looks like one of the prettiest places on Earth. Wishing you a great year ahead filled with lots of travels!

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  2. Fantastic set of photos Linda! And I have to disagree with you – no matter how beautiful the setting and how perfect the weather, there is ALWAYS such a thing as a bad photo 😏 I see plenty of them! I love your Peggy Cove shot (the light is fabulous!), the PEI dunes (always wanted to go there, because of Anne 🙂 ) and those abandoned barns! And as a Londoner I never knew there was a Westminster Abbey in BC, or indeed anywhere else in the world.

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