VanDusen Botanical Garden…Summer Visit

VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, B.C. is truly a paradise no matter what season you visit in. The garden, that opened in 1975, is maintained by the Vancouver Parks Board, and the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association. Van Dusen has six full time gardeners and a team of over 1200 volunteers that work throughout the year to help keep the garden looking amazing. The garden takes up over 55 acres with not only plants local to British Columbia, but also plants from around the world on display.

The many volunteers not only help care for the different gardens on display, but also offer tours, collect plants and seeds for sales, make dried flower arrangements, package compost and manure to sell to local gardeners, and staff an information desk for visitors.

There are water features in the garden…

a Korean pavilion…

and beautiful stone artwork to admire.

Pick up a map as you enter and then meander the many pathways discovering a maze, small lakes, the boardwalks, and the rose garden.

Depending on the time of year you will discover rhododendrons in bloom, a vegetable garden ready for harvest, trees bursting with cherry blossoms, or red, yellow and gold leaves falling to the ground. In the summer take your time to enjoy the exceptional colour that is on display…

as well as the sweet fragrance from a variety of flowers…

VanDusen Garden is open daily…except for Christmas Day. Plan on spending at least half a day visiting the garden. There is a restaurant and a coffee shop, as well as a gift shop there. Guided tours are available, but you can definitely enjoy it on your own!

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