VanDusen Botanical Garden…Springtime Visit

In Vancouver, after two months of having city parks and gardens closed due to Covid-19, restrictions have started to ease. One of these gardens, VanDusen Botanical Garden, in the heart of the Vancouver, made some fantastic changes to allow people to wander around and enjoy the many garden areas. A limited number of people allowed in, specific entry times which you prebook, and one way directions along some paths. I was pretty excited to have a change of scenery…and snap some photographs!

When you first enter VanDusen Botanical Garden you will see Livingstone Lake with its pathway along the side, the perfect place to start your stroll through the different gardens.

Livingstone Lake

At this time of year you will find rhododendrons blooming, or ready to bloom, as well as azaleas. Both of these plants showing off their bright colouring through the greenery around them.

Japanese pagoda with azalea plant

The purple wisteria cascading over this bench area was so pretty…and the smell was absolutely heavenly.

The poppies, both the red Oriental and the blue Himalayan varieties, were on display showing off their spectacular bright hues.

Tall ornamental onion plants, Allium, with their small star-shaped flowers, formed purple globes everywhere.

We came across this waterfall and spent a fair bit of time here watching the water flow over the rocks, and snapping photos.

There were bridges to cross and paths to follow…all leading to different areas.

We discovered magnolias native to Asia, and pinkish-coloured dogwoods blooming…although here in B.C. we more often see the white-coloured ones.

We gazed up to the tops of the trees in the Meditation garden…

…and peered below us at the ferns covering the ground.

The reflection in the water of Heron Lake mirrored the variety of trees that grow along its banks, including the Japanese maples with their gorgeous red colouring.

Heron Lake

The highlight and star attraction of VanDusen Garden at this time of year is the Laburnum tree, also known as the “golden chain” tree.

Seeing the bright yellow flowers hanging from the trees as we wandered along the Laburnum Walk was definitely the perfect way to end our time at the gardens, and we all left smiling and thankful for our visit here.

Laburnum Walk

You can prebook your time to visit the gardens by visiting the VanDusen Botanical Garden website here.

17 thoughts on “VanDusen Botanical Garden…Springtime Visit

  1. I love visiting botanical gardens and usually hunt them out wherever I am in the world – the furthest one I’ve been to is in Tasmania! Your photos are glorious and I see my favourite flower – the allium – is featured. I have loads of these growing in my own garden. This time of year is perfect to see the variety of flowers all in bloom and what a perfect way to end some of the Covid-19 misery.

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    1. So glad you liked the blog. It really was the perfect way to begin post-Covid life. I love gardens as well which is something that draws me to England so much! I’m lucky I have close relatives there so hopefully I’ll be able to visit more once travel resumes.

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  2. Wonderful! I’m so glad they’ve made it possible for people to visit in the time of covid. The flowers are absolutely stunning! What a delightful break from reality 🙂

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  3. This is an absolute gorgeous botanical garden! The bright and brilliant flowers, especially the purple/lavender ones! Looks like a wonderful place to explore for the day!

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  4. Linda, another wonderful post on lovely Vancouver! Such beautiful photos-have been to Vancouver many times but not been to these gardens- a definite must see!

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  5. What a delightful post, Linda! This seems to be the perfect time to visit the VanDusen Botanical Garden – the variety of blooms, the colours.. one can almost smell them, thanks to your wonderful pics! A great way to give oneself a nature therapy after confinement!

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    1. It was just what was needed! I think we all will appreciate nature even more after being cooped up for so long! Thanks for reading.


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