VanDusen Botanical Garden…Autumn Visit

Having been to VanDusen Botanical Garden both in the spring and summer, it was time to explore the gardens in the fall. Unfortunately, the day was overcast, but we still found lots to look at while wandering the trails. We started off by following the Autumn Stroll, enjoying the leaves changing colour on the trees, as well as blanketing the ground.

During this season a single leaf, can now become the star of the show, showing off it’s colours for all to see.

We walked past golden lily pads lying in the pond, their flowers gone for the winter.

This bright-yellow “Goldsturm” daisy was one of the few flowering plants we saw.

Knowing the Japanese maple trees would be displaying their vibrant coloured leaves we headed over to Heron Lake. The trees here did not disappoint and were covered in varying shades of red, yellow and orange.

Japanese Red Maple

We even discovered a small waterfall peeking out from behind the leaves, as well as some ferns growing from between these stone steps.

Even the cloudy skies couldn’t detract from some wonderful photo opportunities! So peaceful!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out VanDusen Garden yet, then find a time and enjoy a couple of hours there. Make sure and book ahead here.

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    1. Ohhhh thank you! Will have to consider that. I realized some photos were loading weird too…not sure if it’s on my end but hopefully it’s all fixed now. Sometimes WordPress can get a bit glitchy haha


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