Deas Island Regional Park, Delta, B.C.

Within the Greater Vancouver Regional District you will find twenty-three regional parks providing the visitor with a variety of features including camping, beaches, dog-parks, walking trails, playgrounds, picnic sites, and fishing. One of these parks, located about 45 minutes south of Vancouver and within the City of Delta, is Deas Island Regional Park. This park has numerous walking trails along the Fraser River, picnic areas, group camping, and a dock for launching your canoe or paddleboard.

This park was named after John Sullivan Deas, a free Black tinsmith, who in 1873 built a salmon cannery here along the Fraser River. This cannery was the busiest cannery along the Fraser River until 1878 when other canneries were built and became more profitable.

Today you will find 6 km of trails used for both walking and horseback riding, with views of the Fraser River on one side and Deas Slough on the other side.

Sunset over the Fraser River at Deas Island Regional Park

The Deas Island Rowing Club is located here and you will often spot the rowers practicing out on the water in Deas Slough. Because of the calm water here, it can be a popular spot for water-skiers as well as those wishing to enjoy paddle sports. The City of Delta has come up with a recreational use schedule that you can access here if you want more information on when you can enjoy this location.

Evening light at the dock at Deas Slough located in Deas Island Regional Park
Autumn reflection on Deas Slough

Also located within the park are the Burrvilla House and the Inverholme Schoolhouse. The Burrvilla House was built in 1905-06 and is of the Queen Anne Revival style. The house was originally located elsewhere and was built by one of the original pioneer families in the area. In 1981 it was given the heritage designation and in 1982 it was moved to the park where today it is used as the perfect backdrop for family and special event photos.

Burrvilla House
Back of Burvilla House

The Inverholme schoolhouse was built in 1906 and was used until 1926 when a bigger building was needed. It was first situated in Ladner, a few miles to the south, and had two entrances, one for boys and one for girls. The schoolhouse has been moved twice…once to make room for the building of the Boundary Bay Airport, and a second time to this location at the park. Today it is used as a site for small indoor functions.

Iverholme Schoolhouse

Deas Island Regional Park is also a great place to take your camera and have some fun capturing images. During any season, there’s plenty to look at and discover along the trails.

For more information about this park and how to get there visit this link.

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    1. A bit of a hidden gem because it is out of the city. I guess we all run a bit of a risk writing about these little known places and having them become busier…but during these times being outdoors is something that I think can help all of us.

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  1. I like that the historic buildings have been preserved and moved into the Park Our city has done something similar by preserving some of the original pioneer homes in the area and moving them to the City Park for public use

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