Chinatown, Vancouver

Recently I came across some photos of Vancouver’s Chinatown district, and decided to share a few of them. During the late 1800’s, when Chinese immigrants came to Canada with the lure of the gold rush in the Yukon and the promise of work on the Canadian Pacific Railway, they often settled in a four-block area on the eastern end of downtown Vancouver. Over the years the area has grown and it is now one of the largest Chinatowns in North America. Today this neighbourhood is classified as a National Historic Site and is filled with markets, cultural buildings, restaurants, and park areas. The western entrance to Chinatown is the spectacular Millennium Gate which was erected in 2002.

Millennium Gate

Wandering through the streets you will come across buildings of all sizes and colours…

…as well as decorative streetposts and brightly coloured lanterns.

A highlight of wandering through Chinatown is the number of markets selling fruits, vegetables, and a variety of unique spices, nuts, and yes…Chinese medicines.

Make sure and save at least an hour to meander around Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The architecture and the opportunities to both photograph or sit in stillness, are all around you. Built between 1985-1986, it was opened in time to celebrate Expo 86 in Vancouver.

The garden has won numerous awards including the World’s Top City Garden named by National Geographic in 2011 and Canadian Garden of the Year in 2012. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, whom the park area is named after, was a leader known as the “father of modern China” and the first president of the Republic of China.

The garden has been planted with a wide variety of trees and flowers that blossom throughout the seasons, especially in the springtime. There is also the use of both feng shui and Taoism throughout the grounds to bring a sense of harmony and balance to the area. Trees, rocks, and objects have been carefully placed to both conceal and reveal the gardens and buildings around them.

You can find out more about Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden here. Check the website for special events and exhibitions, as well as opening times, prices and tickets.

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  1. I love those gardens – especially the ceramic seats, I keep thinking I might buy one for my garden as they are on sale here. When I lived in London I worked near Chinatown and did a lot of my shopping there and I still use the bamboo steamers I bought from them.

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    1. Yes definitely! It’s not a huge garden but the area is worth a look. If you do visit Vancouver go to VanDusen Botanical Garden! It’s amazing. I’ve written about it in the past and can’t wait to go back.

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  2. I hit all these places last time I was in Vancouver. The gardens are indeed beautiful, and I was able to find some of my favorite foods from Hong Kong. I do love Vancouver!

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  3. Interesting post and beautiful pics.

    I always presumed that the Chinese migrants in Canada had initially come mainly from the U.S. in the early days and only mainly directly from China during the past few decades. How interesting that Chinese immigration has a similarly long tradition in Canada as it has in the U.S.

    Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden sounds like a great place to visit.

    Ellie & I always visit China Town wherever we go (provided they have one). Great food, vibrant culture, exotic architecture, and lots of fun. Can’t really go wrong with it.

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