Scenic Doorways and Windows

What’s not to love about a colourful door or a glimpse through to what’s on the other side? What about a decorative window or one with a view to the outside world? I must admit doorways and windows are some of my favourite things to photograph and so I decided to share a few in this post.

Let’s start with those colourful doors. Whether in a bold blue surrounded by foliage, like these two…

…or in a muted green colour contrasting with the golden hue of the stonework in the Cotswolds, these eye-catching entryways are fun to photograph.

Castle Combe, England

Here’s a whole row of multi-coloured doors along a beach promenade. I definitely took more than a few pictures of this doorway jackpot.

Seaford, England

Looking through an opened doorway one might find a secret garden or a silent refuge. A place where one can reflect or meditate.

Doorways can be gated, like this one…

The Alcazar, Cordoba, Spain

…or perhaps missing their door altogether like this one. Either way the invitation is there to open them, step through, and discover what’s on the other side.

St. Michael’s Mount, England

Now let’s enjoy some windows. Windows capture what is just beyond our walls. They beckon us to pull aside the coverings, breathe deeply, and gaze at the world. Whether it’s the scenery of a peaceful lake…

Lake Crescent, Washington

…or the view of a city waiting to be explored, the windows are there to invite us to get outside and embrace the day. In the morning light, a window shares with us a city just awakening, the calmness captured before the busyness of the coming day.

How about a window revealing where we’re going…

Funicular, Lisbon

…or reflecting where we’ve been.

Celebrity cruise ship, Alaska

Sometimes a closed window catches our attention. It’s beauty enhanced by what surrounds it.

But above all a window provides the perfect frame to a moment frozen in time. A memory not soon forgotten, bringing a smile to our face.

Generalife window opening, Alhambra

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  1. It’s great that you took the time to capture windows and doors during your travels! One of my favorite photos in your post is the way windows are reflective of where we’ve been. I loved my cruise to Alaska, and your photo brings back happy memories.

    Liked by 1 person

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