A West Coast Winter

A snowy, cold winter here on the West Coast brings a change from the long dreary days of rain. The snow that blankets the ground is a welcome sight as it transforms landscapes and neighbourhoods. People bundle up and head out to walk their dogs or take their kids tobogganing on local hills. It never stays long…and perhaps that’s part of its appeal…but while it’s here most of us do enjoy it!

Golf course pathways become the perfect walking trails and provide not only great photo opportunities but some time to enjoy the peacefulness that a covering of snow brings to the world around.

A peaceful path

Shorelines and beaches are transformed as the frozen water creates a new landscape to admire.

Old farm equipment sitting idle on the field looks postcard perfect against the freshly fallen snow…

still water and the soft lighting of the late day sun make for some stunning reflections…

while low clouds and ice envelop docks that in the summer are alive with the sound of beach-goers.

Even backyard gardens provide magical moments to capture.

So the next time the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fall, bundle up and head out to enjoy a look at the wintry world around you.

8 thoughts on “A West Coast Winter

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  1. Stunning images and even though I’m no fan of ice and snow, I could quite enjoy a walk through that lovely scenery – but I doubt if my boots, gloves and coats would be quite warm enough for your climate.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I have relatives that live in the south of England in Seaford so know that part of the country. It doesn’t stay long here…not like other parts of Canada!

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