Sharing Sunsets

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, I thought it would be nice to share some sunsets that have brought a smile to my face. Even now, looking back at these pictures, I am filled with a sense of calm. This blog isn’t about where these places are, although I will mention them, but more about the feeling of stillness and serenity that these pictures will hopefully bring. Enjoy!

This first picture was taken in Bali from the island of Nusa Lembongan. Just being in Bali brought me a kind of peace I had never felt before.

Next up is Costa Rica from a beach near Santa Teresa. I loved how the sun shone through the trees here.

This picture of the boat on the water was taken close to where I live. I actually won a local photography contest with this picture so it’s pretty special to me.

This one was taken at the same location…a favourite spot for photographers in the evenings!

Here’s a couple more pictures taken close to where I live. It was fun to play with having the sun peek out from behind natural objects.

Here’s one taken from the island of Kauai. Who doesn’t love a nice Hawaiian sunset?!

I have found that sometimes looking behind to where the sun is shining provides opportunities for beautiful photographs. The colouring and the reflections are often stunning.

This next photo of Boundary Bay was taken in the winter as the sun was setting in the west. The softness of the colours to the east were what captured my eye.

Travelling to the west coast of Vancouver Island provided sunsets that were unbelievable. They changed so quickly, and the sky was so vibrant, that even pictures don’t do it justice.

This last sunset picture was taken on a recent trip to Portugal. Taken at Albufeira in the Algarve, this photo brings me happy memories of my most recent trip, and the hope that one day in the future it will be safe once again to travel and discover other countries…and their sunsets!

I hope that wherever you are during this time you are able to enjoy the setting of the sun…and the sense of calm it can bring.

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  1. Beautiful sunset captures – especially love the ones where the sun is peeking from behind the natural objects. And I can see why your boat/sunset photo won a contest. It’s so true that it’s not so much about where the sunsets are taken, but more about how they make you feel. Some of my most favorite sunsets are in my own backyard.

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