Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

Located in the Fraser Valley, about a 90 minute drive east of Vancouver, you will find the town of Harrison Hot Springs. This small resort community, situated on the southern shores of Harrison Lake, is a popular place to visit in the summer months as well as on warm, sunny weekends. The lake is the largest in the southern part of the province and during the 1850’s it provided a water link to some of the goldfields in the upper Fraser Valley, making it an important part of the gold rush history of British Columbia.

Harrison Lake looking north

Along the promenade there is a lagoon with a sandy beach, as well as a grassy area for families to enjoy picnics and magnificent views of the surrounding peaks. A short trail encircles the lagoon where there are benches to sit on and soak up the scenery.

The lagoon at the village of Harrison Hot Springs
Lots of grassy areas to enjoy a picnic

The village of Harrison Hot Springs is definitely all about the water! Tourists originally flocked to the community to bathe in the two hot springs located close by. Today the hot springs water can be enjoyed either in the public pool, or by a stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. If you’d rather spend your day on the lake there are boat tours, boat rentals, paddleboards, kayaks, and a water playground (for a fee) to please the whole family.

The village has lots of places to eat and stores to browse in. On the main street you will find numerous patios to sit on and enjoy a drink or a meal while enjoying the lakeview. There is also a walking trail that will take you past the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and along the western side of the lake.

Sasquatch Provincial Park with camping and hiking opportunities, is located along the eastern shore of the lake about 6 km from Harrison Hot Springs. The name Sasquatch is thought to have come from the the First Nations’ word Sasq’ets which means “hairy man”. This large furry mammal is believed to be a spiritual being that can make himself disappear when needed…making him hard to find.

This was the only Sasquatch likeness that we saw.

Harrison Hot Springs resort is located just off of Highway 7 in the Fraser Valley. Along this route you can discover numerous farm stores that sell a variety of produce grown in the valley such as strawberries and corn, as well as artisan cheeses, lavender products, and pottery. There is also the beautiful Westminster Abbey in Mission that is worth a visit…see my blog here.

Harrison Hot Springs with Mt. Cheam behind

Harrison Hot Springs is located on the traditional territory of the Sts’ailes, a Coast Salish First Nation people who lived in numerous small villages in this area and were drawn to the hot springs for their healing properties. If you are travelling along Route 7 then make sure and check out this town and enjoy all it has to offer.

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    1. I think the road in and out was flooded and damaged in parts as well. When we made the drive out there things looked back to normal and the fields around seemed okay. Very devastating for so many of the farmers!


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