Boundary Bay Regional Park, Delta, B.C.

Looking for a park that combines trails, a beach, and scenic mountain views? well look no further than this beautiful park located south of Vancouver in the City of Delta. With 24 km of trails, stretching from Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen to Mud Bay in Delta, the Boundary Bay Regional Park takes you beside the water for sweeping views of shoreline and mountains.

One of the entrances to Boundary Bay Park
Boundary Bay with Mount Baker in the background

The trails here are great for biking or going for leisurely strolls. If you are looking for a longer bike ride or walk, then enter the park at one of the locations farther from the main beach and enjoy the solitude that you will find on these quieter pathways.

Biking along the trail
Spectacular views

Closer to Centennial Beach, the main beach area, you will find trails that follow the water, as well as meander inland, giving you some different views to enjoy.

If water and driftwood scenes are what you’re looking for, then you will find plenty of picture perfect scenes in this park!

There’s a boardwalk that passes between cattails and tall grasses…and a viewing platform for expansive views of the bay. In the evenings the sunlight dipping low on the horizon provides spectacular lighting for taking photographs.

This park is also part of the Pacific Flyway migration route and so birds of all kinds can be spotted here year-round. From water birds enjoying the food provided for them in the mudflats, to eagles soaring overhead, to Snowy Owls making an appearance here every few years, there are plenty of birds to watch for.

In the summer months Centennial Beach, which is found in the southernmost section of the park, becomes a popular spot for sunbathers and families. The extreme low tides that this bay is known for provide the visitor with opportunities for beach-combing and long walks on the sand while wading through tidal pools.

Low tide at the beach means great beach-combing opportunities
A popular spot in the summer for ice cream or fish and chips

There is always something worth photographing in this park! From the colourful marsh area and flowers in the summer months…

…to the frozen water and barren landscape in the winter months.

Although I’ve been able to visit this park in all seasons and types of weather…and have photographed it at different times of day…my favourite capture is still the one I took with the sun going down in the west…bathing the bay with a magical lighting.

Boundary Bay at sunset

Parking restrictions have been implemented in this park near the Centennial beach entrance for the summer months. For more information about Boundary Bay Regional Park visit this website.

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    1. Thank you for replying…it’s actually a large bay area that has very low and high tides. The mountain is Mount Baker in Washington State which we get magnificent views of here. I appreciate you reading and enjoying. I’m loving your posts!

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