Fall on the Farm

Travelling to the south or east of Vancouver, B.C., you will soon find yourself surrounded by farmland. Much of this land has been owned and farmed by the same families for decades. Throughout the year the land produces a variety of crops that provide a rich “farm to table” experience for both residents and restaurants.

Some farms have flowers blooming alongside the other crops. The flowers are then cut and used for bouquets in the summer months before going to seed in the fall. The increase in the number of bees is also benefiting from these flowers and more hives are being built for the collection and sale of honey.

Many farmers plant and maintain a selection of fruits and vegetables throughout the summer months. In the lower mainland you will find corn, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and peas, along with a wide selection of berries. The gourds, with their unique colours and shapes, are one of the final produce to be harvested.

When autumn arrives the fields of pumpkins are often the last crop of the year, a visual reminder that winter is coming.

These pictures were all taken at Westham Island Herb Farm, located in Ladner, B.C. They are open to the public from May to October and during these months you can purchase a wide selection of produce. Visit their site here.

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  1. I love this time of year in and around Vancouver. So many great farms to visit and delicious fresh produce. Westham Island is a beautiful place


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